Car styling

Car wrapping is the use of special vinyl foil to cover a complete car in such a way that a completely new look is created. That sounds very business-like, but in fact that is what we do.

We work with special wrap film developed by 3M, Avery and Grafityp that is extremely deformable. As a result, we can stick this film over the most complex shapes and we model the wrap film in such a way that it completely follows the shapes of your car. Also the mirrors, bumpers and the other surfaces which can be wrapped. This wrap film sticks to all painted parts, which is why we wrap all painted parts of the car as standard.


Wrap film is available in different beautiful colours. One color is even more exclusive than the other. The more ‘exclusive’ colors have a higher price compared to, for example, red metallic or black matte.

This is one of the reasons why the prices mentioned are approximates, we calculate the price exactly after we know which color you are going for.

Car Styling Services

If you choose Color Change Wrap from Wraptor, you choose a party that stands for quality. We only work with top quality films. For example, we work with high-quality car wrap films such as: 3M, Avery and Grafityp. Because we work with professionals, we always work as professionally and professionally as possible.
Would you like to add accents to your car? Then we can be of service to you by means of striping. We can realize the striping for you in every conceivable size, color and motif. This way you are able to personalize your car as desired.
When we talk about detail wrap, you can think of wrapping different parts of your car. Think of your mirrors, spoiler, bumper or roof. If you choose to give certain parts of your car a different color, you can give your car a completely different look.
We can wrap your rims in any color you want. Our skilled car styling mechanics and stylists monitor the quality and treat the parts with the utmost care and professionalism. We work with high-quality car wrap films such as: 3M, Avery and Grafityp.

What is Car Wrapping

Color is a deciding factor for many people when buying a car. Financially also quite important, because the saleability of your car also depends on the color. When buying a new car, you can choose the color yourself. You don’t have that choice with a used car. You can opt for ‘car wrapping’: wrapping the car in foil gives it a different color or colours

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NED approach with car wrapping

Degrease panels

Before we can start correctly applying the foil to your car, there are a lot of other things to consider. Very important is cleaning the car. All panels must be perfectly clean and degreased because every speck of dust will be visible through the foil.

Cut foil to size

An extremely important topic is the cutting on the carriage. In many cases, the foil must of course be made to measure. Usually this can be done in seams of the bodywork so that the wrap can be folded inwards. But occasionally this also has to be done directly on the paint. If possible, we always use knifeless tape to be able to cut the foil without risk.

Heat wrap

During wrapping, the foil is heated in several places to take on a shape. It is important to remember that if this foil gets warm again (eg a summer day in the sun) it will try to shrink back to its original state. With excessive stretching of the vinyl, it can therefore happen that corners can come loose here and there. It is therefore best to have your car wrapped by someone with experience.

Why car wrap?

By having your car wrapped you can provide it with a trendy and personal look. Changing the original color is becoming more and more popular. The purpose of this is to give your car a completely different color. Depending on your wishes and budget, you can also opt for a detail wrap, which means that individual parts of your car get a different color. It is therefore perfectly possible to transform only the bonnet, roof or mirrors into a unique colour.

Everyone has seen a car driving by with a matte wrap. Very popular are also the cars with a light color and a black roof, silk matt, satin, glossy or even carbon. These applications are considerably less expensive than a full wrap and they also protect the parts of your car that are constantly exposed to the sun.

A standard car wrap is done in such a way that the original color of the car is no longer visible from the outside. When opening the bonnet, trunk and/or doors, the original color will still be visible. However, it is also possible to wrap those parts. This can be discussed during the quotation, as every type of car is different. The inside of the doors is very time-intensive, which results in a considerably higher cost due to having to dismantle the doors.

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