Floor Stickers

Why limit your advertising messages to the facade and walls only? Consider floor stickers from NED Sign & Reclame .

After all, you can also store a lot of information on the floor. But then it must of course be of wear-resistant quality. For that you have to be at NED Sign & Reclame . A floor sticker immediately stands out, your potential customer can almost literally ‘not ignore it’. Ideal at fairs or if you have a special promotion in your store.

Go for a floor sticker from NED Sign & Reclame and contact us today.

Vloer stickers

Floor Stickers

Are you looking for stickers for the floor of your building? In your supermarket, business premises or hospital? With floor stickers from Alpha Stickers you can use the largest surface of your building for advertising: your floor. If you have a special offer in a certain department, you can refer to it with beautiful floor stickers. If you really want to make an impact with an advertising campaign, then just a wall sticker or window sticker is no longer sufficient. Supplement your advertising messages with beautiful floor stickers from Alpha stickers for maximum results.
Are you looking for a smart way to attract attention in the outdoor area? Your logo or company name in such a way that no one can ignore it? With floor stickers for outdoor use from Alpha stickers you can make appealing advertisements on the asphalt or the street. Our stickers are extremely strong, weather-resistant and can easily handle a whole horde of marathon runners. To ensure that they do not slip, the stickers have an anti-slip layer. Contact Alpha Stickers today to pass on your wishes.

Advantages of:
a Floor Sticker

With a floor sticker from NED Sign & Reclame you can be sure that it is of high quality. With us you can choose from floor sticker without glue or a non-permanent glue layer.

In the first, the sticker adheres to the floor with small suction cups. This makes the sticker easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue behind. The cheaper version is the floor sticker with a non-permanent adhesive layer.


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Floor stickers

The glue ensures that it does not come off so easily, but that it is still easy to remove. The material is strong and wear-resistant, so that it is easy to walk on.

The advantages of our floor stickers at a glance:

  • One cannot avoid it Wear-resistant and strong
  • Easily removable
  • Available in all sizes, colors and shapes

Floor stickers indoor and outside

Are you looking for a nice sticker for the street? At NED Sign & Reclame you can go for floor stickers that can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Our outdoor stickers are extremely strong, wear-resistant and weather-resistant. Ideal for when you want to stand out at an outdoor event.

Whether you want an advertising sticker or direction indicators on the floor, at NED Sign & Reclame we go for high-quality, durable quality. That is why you choose NED Sign & Reclame . Call us today to discuss your floor stickers.

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