Je bekijkt nu High-Quality Sandblasting Films

High-Quality Sandblasting Films

Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to give a room a little more privacy? You can easily cover the windows with sandblasting foil. This milky foil prevents anyone from looking in or out.

At the same time, it allows enough daylight to pass through so that you still have sufficient visibility in the room and can work comfortably. People often use it at their front door, but it is also common in hospitals, GP stations, offices and restaurants.

Prevent looking in with sandblasting foil

Even a small strip of sandblasting film at eye level can prevent a lot of privacy. This is ideal in office and meeting units, where a fully screened window is not necessary, but where you still want to be able to work in isolation.

Sandblasting film is easy to apply. Give us your dimensions and we will ensure that you have the necessary stock in your home as soon as possible. You can choose from static foil or a variant with glue. The first variant is easier to remove, the second stays in place better. The choice is yours.

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Advantages of sandblasting foil

Sandblasting foil gives you a few useful advantages:

  • Opaque, meaning more privacy
  • Relatively easy to apply
  • Let light through
  • Available in every shape and size

Prevent looking in with sandblasting foil

Sandblasting foil is easy to apply with the use of some water or without. With water it is easier to remove air bubbles, so that you can easily iron them out.

Doubts about your own adhesive skills? Then NED Sign & Reclame is happy to take it off your hands. We have experience with the most diverse types of foils and stickers. From luxurious wall stickers to magnetic stickers for your boat or motorcycle. Call us today and we will quickly and professionally apply your sandblasting foil.

Order sandblasting foil

Are you looking for a quick way to give your space a little more privacy, without it getting too dark? With sandblasting foil you create a light, shielded space in which you can work or hold a meeting. Contact NED Sign & Reclame today and provide your dimensions.

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