Interieur wrap

Giving your interior a different look is often quite a task. It usually means that demolition has to be done and that investments must also be made in new materials. Walls are usually still easy to tackle, with the help of paint or wallpaper. But what about window frames, doors and other parts of the interior that are not easy to edit? Wallpapering and painting is not possible everywhere. Interior wrap foil offers a perfect solution. With this you can easily “wrap” any surface. Because the film conforms to the surface, almost anything can be fitted with it.
Interior Wrap
Interior Wrap
Interior Wrap

What exactly is interior wrap film?

Interior wrap foil is a very high quality foil with a self-adhesive surface. This foil can be used to wrap many things in the interior. You probably know this technique from car wrap. Interior wrap foil is similar. The surface is provided with a layer of foil in the desired color to create a completely new look.

In addition to interior foils, there is also exterior foils. These foils are suitable for outdoor applications so that you can apply beautiful effects, for example columns with a marble look or wood look.

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Need advice about interior wrap foil?

Applying interior wrap foil, you naturally want to do it right the first time. That is why next to buying interior wrap foil from us, you can also go for help and advice. We would like to hear what your goal is with the foil, so that we can tell you what the perfect variety is for this.

Have interior wrap foil applied by a specialist

Applying interior wrap foil is in many cases easy to do yourself. For example, on flat or simply shaped surfaces. This is different when the film has to be applied to surfaces with many shapes or hard-to-reach places. You can call on us for the application of interior wrap foil by an experienced professional. We ensure a perfect result.

This is covered during the interior foil training:

  • Interior films (properties and applications)
  • Substrates (inventory and pre-treatment)
  • Applications primers and sealers
  • Squeegee techniques
  • Cutting techniques
  • Finishing techniques
  • Mounting on cabinet doors
  • Mounting on (round) tabletop
  • Mounting on doors / panels
  • Cutouts and cutting techniques
  • Assembly complex shapes
  • Fix application errors
  • Quality issues
  • Preventing (release) complaints
  • Practical tips and tricks
Interior Wrap
Interior Wrap

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