Magnetic Stickers

Do you want to drive recognizable through the Netherlands without paying the main price? With our magnetic stickers you can be sure that you stand out and do not pay too much. Our stickers are made of magnetic foil and printed in all the colors and styles you want.

Whether you just want your logo or a fully formatted advertisement on your car. Our magnetic stickers stick well, are easy to remove and leave no traces on the paint. Request your quote today.

Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Stickers

Magnet foil

With magnetic foil you can make your own magnetic plate or magnetic stickers in no time. Ideal for advertising on your car, for example, but also on other iron surfaces such as warehouse racks, iron cabinets or your whiteboard in your meeting room. Because it is flexible, you can easily cut or cut magnetic foil yourself. If that seems like too much work for you, we would be happy to take it off your hands. Give us your measurements today and we will send your magnetic sheet as soon as possible.

Magnetic Stickers

Magnet poster

Are you looking for a place where you and your children can be creative? So that it immediately brightens up your home as a wall decoration? Everyone can have their say on a magnetic poster, which we can supply as a chalkboard or whiteboard. Whether you want to make a quick note of an appointment, a reminder for the groceries, or just as a place where you can draw and paint, a magnetic poster is a wonderful addition to your wall.

Weatherproof and strong:
magnetic stickers

With a straight or contour-cut magnetic sticker from NED Sign & Reclame you can quickly and easily turn your car into a moving advertising column.

Thanks to our quality, you can be sure that you will look representative. The magnetic stickers ‘stick’ perfectly and are also easy to remove, so that you can also change them if necessary.

They stay in place even in bad weather. So you don’t have to worry about losing your magnetic sticker on the way. Thanks to the high quality, the sticker can be used in all weather conditions and in the car wash.

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Sign & belettering

Sign & Lettering

Should your name be prominently displayed? With sign & lettering from NED Sign & Reclame you will be in the spotlight.

Floor stickers

Floor stickers

Don’t just limit your advertising message to the facade and wall. Consider floor stickers from NED Sign & Reclame .

Window stickers

Window stickers

NED Sign & Reclame is your address for all types of window stickers. Whether you want to use them outdoors or indoors. NED Sign & Reclame has extensive experience when it comes to cutting out letters and sticking them on your windows. We ensure that everything is neatly finished and neatly placed on location.

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Advantages of
a magnetic sticker

The advantages of a magnetic sticker are endless. For example, you pay less for a magnetic sticker than for a full professional lettering of your car.

You can easily place and remove the sticker whenever it suits you. If you go for the cheap option, we will print your advertisement on a rectangular magnetic foil.

If you want an even more professional look, we can also cut out the contours of your logo or advertisement. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Advantages of
a magnetic sticker

We would like to list the advantages of a magnetic sticker for you:

  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to install and remove
  • High quality
  • Professional appearance
  • Weatherproof

Magnetic sticker

Are you looking for the perfect, high-quality magnetic sticker? Matching your car and fully customized? Ned has years of experience with all kinds of stickers.

We are also happy to cover your car with a quality sticker, so that you advertise everywhere, wherever you are. Contact us today.

Vinyl stickers

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