Je bekijkt nu Mirror Foil – Anti-View

Mirror Foil – Anti-View

Do you want to be able to look outside, but don’t want everyone to see the inside of your house or workspace? With our anti-view foil you create your own privacy. Anti-view foil is another name for mirror foil. This film is suitable for all types of glass. At the same time, the material acts as a sunshade, reflects visible light and provides privacy as the light enters the room.

Mirror film is ideal for houses, shop windows, offices and car windows. This foil value of a type of glass says something about the sun admission or light admission of glass. It blocks up to 99% UV radiation and also provides good privacy and UV protection. On extremely hot days, less cooling is required indoors and the heat is retained better in winter.. Contact us for your privacy film.

The mirror effect is created because it is darker inside than outside.
However, when it is darker outside than inside, this foil (partly) loses its effect.

Sun protection and privacy in one

You can stick the mirror foil over a part or over your entire window as desired. NED Sign & Reclame cuts it to size. Ideal for on your shop window, on your company car or at the office and house areas.

Don’t you dare to stick it on yourself? Then give us a call, we’ll be happy to take over for you. This is comparable to tinted windows in a car. You have a little more privacy but also less light.

Then give us a call, we’ll be happy to take over for you.

Your address for one-way vision foil

NED sign & reclame is your go-to address for all types of stickers. Whether you go for mirror foil, wall stickers, labels or sign and lettering. With our years of experience, we help you present yourself professionally. A well-placed facade advertisement is a real eye-catcher. This will draw attention to your company.

With a magnetic sticker on your car you can make a good impression throughout the country. In addition, our stickers are of high quality and are weather and wash resistant. Contact us today for your best stickers, from floor stickers to one-way vision.

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