1- After the confirmation of the quotation by NED sign and advertising, materials for the project will be purchased and time will be spent on the design, as each project requires specific materials and designs, as well as time from our experts for advice and… In case of cancellation of the order, 70% of the total invoice amount will be charged if production has not yet started for the customer, and 100% will be charged once production
has begun.
2- If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours before the appointment date or if the customer fails to show up for an appointment, we will charge 100% of the total amount. We do this because of the costs incurred and the time block reserved specifically for each customer. If the customer wishes to schedule a new appointment, we offer a 30% discount on a new order of the same product with us, but this is only possible after the original
invoice has been fully paid.
3- Upon acceptance of our quotation, please schedule an appointment within 15 days. This appointment can be scheduled within a period of up to 3 months. If no appointment is scheduled within 15 days, we are obliged to invoice 70%. This percentage covers the costs incurred in terms of time and materials acquired for the order after the quotation has been confirmed.
4- If you wish to cancel the order after order confirmation, we will invoice 70% of the total amount. This amount covers the costs incurred in terms of time and materials for the order.
5- If you wish to reschedule the appointment, please let us know by email. We request that you inform us 10 business days before the appointment date. A new appointment must then be made within 7 days of the original appointment date. If this is not done, we will invoice 70% of the total amount (48 hours for appointments scheduled within 1 week).
6- We would like to share a photo of your order on social media. If this is not desired, please let us know by email.
7- The risk of damage or loss of goods and/or data during transport, for example to a car wash and/or other workshop, lies with the client, regardless of whether the transport or shipment is carried out by or on behalf of the client, NED sign & advertising or third parties, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of NED sign & advertising.
8- We kindly request our customers to make an appointment for a follow-up check of their vehicle within one to two months after the application of the decals. Please note that we do not offer a warranty to customers who do not make an appointment for this follow-up check.
9- All quotations, pre-calculations, offers, and similar communications from NED sign & advertising are entirely without obligation and can only be accepted without deviation. An offer is in any case considered to have been rejected if it is not accepted within one month. After this period, NED sign & advertising reserves the right to recalculate the price for the quotation.
10- Quotations from NED sign & advertising are based on information provided by the client. The client guarantees that to the best of their knowledge and ability, all relevant information has been provided.
11- NED sign & advertising reserves the right to terminate the agreement without further notice of default or judicial intervention if the client is declared bankrupt, has applied for a suspension of payments, leaves payable debts unpaid, liquidates assets, relocates their permanent residence or place of business outside the Netherlands without providing satisfactory security to NED sign & advertising for amounts already due and future payments related to the performance of the order. This right may also be exercised if the client loses control over their assets through attachment, guardianship, or similar events, unless, in the opinion of NED sign & advertising, sufficient security is provided for the payment of all outstanding amounts and future obligations related to the execution of the order.
12- If NED sign & advertising cannot fulfill its obligations under the agreement, not timely or fully, due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to war and the threat of war, mobilization, civil war, terrorism, riots, vandalism, theft, fire, extreme temperature variations, water damage, flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters, seizures and other government measures, strikes, transport disruptions, machine defects, non-receipt of essential materials, semi-finished products or data from third parties, disruptions in energy supply, limited access to data, both within the company of NED sign & advertising and with third parties engaged, the fulfillment of these obligations will be suspended until NED sign & advertising can reasonably be considered capable of fulfilling these obligations in the agreed manner.
13- If you choose to have your car decal applied on the weekend, we will charge extra costs (€200 per day).
14- All displayed prices are excluding VAT.
15- Alpha stickers, NED Wrap and NED media pixels are part of NED sign & advertising.


1- The client guarantees NED sign & advertising that the execution of the assignment will not infringe upon copyrights, design rights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of third parties, nor any other rights. The client indemnifies NED sign & advertising, both in and out of court, against any claims that third parties may make in this area, as well as all costs arising from the defense against such claims.
2- All creations and works resulting from the execution of the assignment are considered to have been made fully and exclusively according to the insights of NED sign & advertising. Therefore, NED sign & advertising exclusively holds all copyrights or other intellectual property rights that arise from all creations and works resulting from the execution of the assignment, as well as the final products specified in the assignment. All intellectual property rights related to methods, advice, etc., originating from or used by NED sign & advertising, explicitly remain the property of NED sign & advertising, both during and after the execution of the assignment, regardless of the contribution of the client or third parties engaged for the execution of the assignment. This also applies when these works or items are separately mentioned in the quotation, offer, or invoice.
3- The client only acquires a usage right, which is further limited to the delivered items and/or data included in the assignment. Specifically, the result of any activity from which intellectual property rights arise may not be made available to third parties for processing or reproduction, nor may the client process or reproduce them themselves. The exercise of these rights – including publication or transfer of data – is explicitly and exclusively reserved for NED sign & advertising, both during and after the execution of the assignment.
4- In the event of a violation of the provisions in paragraph 3, the client forfeits to NED sign & advertising an immediately payable fine of €4,500 per violation and €225 per day (or part of a day) that the violation continues, without requiring a notice of default. This does not affect NED sign & advertising’s right to compensation for all damages resulting from it.


1- Our administration is connected to the collection system. After three reminders, spread over a total of 14 days, we will send a final notice with a term of 5 days. After that, without further notice of default, we will transfer the full claim of the payment arrears to our collection agency. This will incur additional costs, which will also be at your expense.
2- NED Sign and Advertising reserves the right to cancel the order if the customer has not paid the invoice after three reminders (within 14 days). If the order has not started, 70% of the total order amount will be invoiced. If the order has started, 100% of the order amount will be invoiced.
3- Invoices must be paid within the specified payment term. If the customer has issues with the provided services/products, they must contact us and schedule an appointment for warranty repair. Non-payment of the invoice is not justified due to customer dissatisfaction.


1- Overlapping is a common technique in wrapping, car decals, and window stickers.
2- NED sign & advertising does not provide a warranty for cars older than 3 years or cars that have been repainted or repaired. This is always at the client’s own risk.
3- If the car is not washed, additional costs (€100 ex. VAT) may be charged. Emblems and nameplates must be removed when wrapping your vehicle; these cannot always be reattached.
4- All painted exterior parts will, of course, be wrapped. For the interior doors, a price is available upon request.
5- Scratches, dents, tears, etc., may be visible through the film. NED sign & advertising does not guarantee car decals/wrapping on cars treated with polish/wax products.
6- If NED sign & advertising has to remove old decals/wrapping, we are not responsible for any (old) color or paint damage to the bodywork.
7- During installation, we use a Top Sheet Cutter (Olfa) and a felt squeegee to install car decals and wrap film. NED sign & advertising is not responsible for scratches on the car, as we use products that do not cause scratches or damage.
8- The final amount may vary slightly from the total amount. This is due to the exact execution and the brand/type of film.
9- NED sign & advertising is not liable for damage when dismantling cars older than 2 years.
10- NED sign & advertising uses the same colors in the stickers as in the digital design. Printed colors may not exactly match the digital colors due to the difference between the digital screen and print. NED sign & advertising works with EU standard color management.
11- NED sign & advertising tries to mount the design as straight and precise as possible on the car. It may happen that the design deviates slightly from the final result, but this difference is extremely small. We work with a scale of 1:25 cm, as shown in the proof design. Overlapping is a common technique in car wrapping, car decals, and window stickers.
12- A car wrap can always be removed. The underlying paint layer will reappear in the condition it was before the wrap was applied.
13- When wrapping or fully decaling the car, hinges, screws, plastic parts, window trim, and car emblems cannot be included.


1- If NED sign & advertising needs to clean the windows/walls in advance, we charge €15.00 ex. VAT per m².
2- All measurements provided by the customer must be accurate unless NED sign & advertising does not need to perform a prior measurement.
3- The call-out costs for measuring windows, doors, and walls depend on the location and distance in kilometers.
4- NED sign & advertising understands that weather conditions can affect the application of window stickers. To ensure quality, the appointment for window sticker installation may be rescheduled if weather conditions, such as rain, strong wind, or temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, are unfavorable. In such cases, we reserve the right to make a new appointment.
5- Please note: the result of window film depends on the condition of the frames/edges. If the edges are not properly finished/sealed, the result may not be optimal, and NED sign & advertising is not responsible for this.
6- NED sign & advertising takes no risk in damaging the windows during the removal of old stickers. We are responsible for any damage to or breakage of the windows.
7- Overlapping is a common technique in wrapping, car decals, and window stickers.


1- By agreeing to our digital proof design, you also give permission to start production.
2- NED sign & advertising is not liable for any errors after your approval. Please pay close attention to any layout, text, and spelling errors.
3- The rate of our design studio is €90.00 per hour. If your design requires a photo, font, or illustration and we need to design it for you, this rate will be added to the invoice.
4- Proof designs can be modified a maximum of two times. The third design is the final design. Therefore, we ask you to clearly communicate what needs to be included in the design.
5- NED sign & advertising uses the same colors in the stickers as in the digital design. Printed colors may not exactly match digital colors due to differences between digital screens and prints. NED sign & advertising works with EU standard color management.
6- NED sign & advertising is known for the best quality design. We always ask to receive good design and vector files as design materials, such as logos and illustrations. If the customer does not provide the files in good order (vector or high quality, at least 30×30 cm at 300 DPI), these files will be updated for the design, and NED sign & advertising cannot be held responsible for the result of these files.
7- When using the design provided by the customer or the final design from NED sign & advertising, please note that the print result may be slightly darker than the digital file. This is because the digital file is created using the RGB color method, while the print is based on the CMYK color method. Additionally, a print does not have backlighting like digital files do. Therefore, there is a chance that the colors may appear slightly darker or
there may be a slight difference. NED sign & advertising is not responsible for these differences as we always work with EU standard color profile management.

Thank you for adhering to the rules regarding NED sign & reclame