Wall Stickers

Do you want a beautiful saying or visual on your wall? A large wall sticker turns your room into a space that catches the eye. How about a tropical island or the sea in your bedroom, for example?

With a wall sticker from NED Sign & Reclame it is as if you are really there. NED Sign & Reclame wall stickers are strong and relatively easy to apply. Ask us today about the possibilities for your wall sticker.

Wall Stickers

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Your saying, slogan or company name on the wall? This shows that you take your business seriously. At NED Sign & Reclame you can go for beautiful wall lettering in all fonts, colors and sizes. With a saying or word cloud on the wall you offer inspiration to everyone who walks by.
Wall Stickers
A nice visual or appealing quote on the wall will brighten up your room. With wall stickers from NED Sign & Reclame you make big steps in brightening up your home, for a reasonable price. Moreover, this form of wall decoration is quick to apply. A wall sticker can also be in the form of your company logo.
Dream away with a beautiful view, in your own room? How about a pearly white beach with palm trees? Or a lovely forest, through which the sun’s rays shine? With photo wallpaper or a wall poster from NED Sign & Reclame it is as if you are there yourself. If you are more practical, you can also get photorealistic images of, for example, an old wall or wooden planks. For extra character in your room.

What is a wall sticker

A wall sticker is an adhesive print of an image that you apply to your wall. This can be used to decorate your living room or bedroom, but it is also an ideal solution for advertising in your business premises, for example.

We make wall stickers extra sturdy, because they have to last a long time and are stuck on a rough surface. The shape, content and dimensions depend entirely on your preferences.


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Advantages of wall stickers

The great thing about wall stickers is that you can make a significant change to your room relatively cheaply. Ideal if you want something different, but don’t want to spend too much time and money on it.

A wall sticker is easy to apply and has an immediate effect. It doesn’t take long to dry and it looks beautiful straight away. Moreover, you can make it as extensive as you want. For example, a white wall with an inspiring saying is trendy.

It makes your room bright and creates an atmosphere in which you take some time to think. That gives peace in your home.

Your design, our quality

At NED Sign & Reclame you determine your own design. You provide your dimensions, colors and printing wishes, we ensure that the wall sticker is printed sharply. In a children’s room, for example, stickers of Disney characters are very nice, or contours of animals. If you don’t dare to stick it on yourself, we will gladly come and do that for you.

Order your wall sticker at NED sign & reclame

Are you looking for a party that supplies high-quality wall stickers? For whom no wall sticker design is too much?

We ensure that your wall sticker is printed sharply and neatly on your wall, so that you can enjoy looking at it for years to come. Contact NED Sign & Reclame today and we will convert your ideas into a beautiful wall sticker.

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